Over 90,000 Motorbikes Imported Through Border Trade in April

Myanmar import­ed 95,000 mo­torbikes from China through the Muse border gate, earning the government $30 million in import duty for April, state media has reported.

Well-known Chinese motorcycle brands in­cluding Kenbo, Canda, Toyomax and Dayaung are mainly exported to lo­cal markets in Mandalay and other central regions.

Demand for bikes is high in rural areas where local people rely on them for transportation.

In Yangon Region how­ever, the registration of motorbikes was banned in 1999 and riding in the city has been banned since 2003.

Authorities say motor­bikes breed accidents, violations of traffic laws, and encourage gangs, but with almost 1 mil­lion registered vehicles in Yangon, there have been recent calls to overturn the Junta-era ban in a bid relieve the city of its crip­pling traffic jams.

Apart from China, My­anmar also imports mo­torbikes across borders from Thailand and India.

In accordance with the statistics of the ministry, the country earned al­most $120 million in im­port duty from the import of 367,000 motorbikes since October 2016.

Import duty rates for motorbike imports rang­es between $29 and $59 depending on the model, brand name and engine size.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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