Dawei port grows busier

The number of cargo ships arriving at and leaving Dawei port in Taninthayi Region has significantly increased this year compared to the same period last year.

From January to April last year, 107 ships entered and exited the port trading 56,693 tonnes of goods. However, in the same period of this year, there were 111 ships with 68,679 tonnes of commodities, according to official data released by the Myanmar Port Authority (Dawei).

“Most cargo ships coming to Dawei port are from Myeik and Yangon. The three major items are diesel, petrol and cement that come from Myeik. From Yangon, various goods come here such as foodstuffs, alcohol, rice, consumer goods and construction materials. In return, Dawei transports salted fish, coconut juice and sugar to Kawthoung. Few commodities go to Yangon. But Dawei export some local products and fishery products to foreign countries by road via Htikhee,” said Ohn Lwin, head of Dawei Township Customs Department.

The increasing number of cargo ships at Dawei port is due to the fact that the region has seen more construction sites and government projects.

According to Myanmar Port Authority (Dawei), from January to May 24 this year, 133 cargo ships arrived at the port carrying 68,679 tonnes of goods (May excluded). The whole previous year saw arrivals of 273 ships with 151,410 tonnes of commodities.

Dawei port is located along Strand Road north to the Dawei city. The port has 13 wharfs where cargo is loaded and unloaded.