‘Myanmar Banker Leadership Program’ launched

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), in collaboration with Myanmar Banks Association and Thammasat University, launches SCB Bankers Academy “Myanmar Banker Leadership Program”, the first program exclusively developed for Myanmar banking executives, according to a press release.

To foster talent in the banking industry, the program is specially tailored for Myanmar banking executives to build skills and deepen knowledge, imperative to the local sector. With a rapidly developing economy and changing business landscape, the banking industry requires strong leadership and trained employees to drive banks into the new financial future. SCB expects the “Myanmar Banker Leadership Program” to be a ‘must attend’ program for Myanmar’s rising financial leaders.

The first class of the “Myanmar Banker Leadership Program” will include around 30 banking executives, from a variety of both private and public banks. The Program offers two levels of courses: Young Executives and Senior Executives, to cater to the needs of the different levels. The one-and-a-half-month course was developed in partnership with the Thammasat Business School of Thailand, a leading University that works with governments and private companies to develop specialized training, along with guidance from the Myanmar Bankers Association. The course reflects the current requirements of the country’s banking sector, which includes the fundamentals of financial management, such as financial analysis & credit risk management, trade finance, foreign exchange, money market management, portfolio management, and many more.

“Since establishing our presence in Myanmar in 2012, SCB has been keen to contribute to the Myanmar’s government effort to help improve the financial sector. Aligning with SCB’s core value of social responsibility and recognizing the strong need for improving skill levels, we approached the Myanmar Banks Association to develop the SCB Bankers Academy, which they immediately welcomed. Our top management is delighted to support and play a part, as Myanmar’s banking sector flourishes, overcomes challenges and seizes new opportunities. SCB believes supporting the sector and its people results in a stronger backbone for the market, benefiting business and communities,” said Mr. Kamalkant Agarwal, Head of International Banking, Siam Commercial Bank PCL.

The coursework includes cases, lectures and simulations – providing a mix of in-classroom and practical learning – as well as a 2-day trip to Bangkok, to meet and hear from regulators, leading companies and start-ups. The course for Young Executive’s aims to enhance their knowledge in banking and finance topics as well as leadership skills. Through action-oriented and collaborative learning, the program presents intensive and cross-functional perspective on financial management. The course for Senior Executive’s focuses on people management and leadership skills as well as strategic planning. Participants will walk away with the knowledge to understand and address the financial aspects of the opportunities and challenges facing banks, and employ financial resources to position themselves to succeed in the finance and banking market.

Source: Mizzima