Ministry Aims to Boost Productivity of Fishing Sector With Data Gathering Drive

The Ministry of Agri­culture, Livestock, and Irrigation has launched a study into the fish farming and ocean fishing industries aimed at identifying producers and regions who stand to benefit most from finan­cial and technical assis­tance.

U Hla Kyaw, the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation, said officials have spread out across Myanmar for the survey, but are mainly focussing on the Rakh­ine, Tanintharyi and Ay­eyarwaddy regions, which produce the majority of the country’s fish.

Surveyors are gather­ing data on fish species, sizes and weight, as well as looking at the quanti­ties caught or farmed in certain regions and, for farms, observing how what techniques produc­ers use to encourage fish to reproduce.

“The fisheries depart­ment will use the data and compare it to previ­ous years to see what kind of results we’ve been get­ting, and we’ll continue to do that in the future,” U hla Kyaw said.

The government has been collected similar data since the fisheries de­partment was first formed but has stepped up its activities since economic reforms began, encourag­ing a number of foreign development agencies to approach ministries of­fering assistance.

The data will be used to inform policy decisions on where to direct money and technical assistance in order to make Myan­mar’s fish producers more productive and competi­tive, said U Hla Htun, the ministry’s deputy perma­nent secretary.

For offshore fishing, the authorities say they are hoping to use the data they collect to determine upper limits on catches in order to keep fishing lev­els sustainable.

They also say they are attempting to limit ille­gal fishing by cooperating with authorities in neigh­bouring Thailand and to control the use of trawl­ers.


Source: Myanmar Business Today

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