Pre-1995 Model Cars to be Deregistered

Following up the deregistration of 20-year-old buses, pre-1995 and 1995 model cars in Yangon will continue to be swapped, said U Phyo Min Thein, Chief Minister of Yangon Region, at a transferring ceremony of China-made buses on 10th June at People’s Square and Park.
A slip for family-use cars is being issued in return when pre-1995 model city Dyna trucks and mini-buses are deregistered as clunkers. The deregistration of those cars have to be made by 20th June. Besides buses made before 1995, old cars made before 1996 will also be canceled from the registration list, he continued.
In the reformation of the bus system, the regional government has to make efforts to tackle the problems from several different angles, including all the stakeholders — owners of buses, drivers and conductors who are depending on it for their living. As a first phase of the reform, some buses were replaced with new ones and old buses were allowed to be deregistered, he added. The deregistration of old cars began in November 2016 and the deadline for this is on 20th June. Those who fail to deregister their old vehicles will have their business licence withdrawn and will not receive a slip, according to a meeting held on 15th May.
According to a survey, there are about 7,000 buses running in Yangon Region. However, about 3,800 buses are seen running daily. This survey stated that there are about 1,700 old vehicles, including city buses and mini-buses, and over 3,000 buses including Dyna and BM vehicles. For the Yangon Bus Service system, the government purchased a fleet of 1,000 buses, with about 1,600 buses purchased by private companies.
The new buses will be substituted in place of  the old deregistered buses, said Dr Maung Aung, the secretary of Yangon Region Transport Authority. —Su Hnin Lae


Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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