MTE to resume timber extraction from Taninthayi mountains

Caption: The Taninthayi mountain range where MTE will resume its timber extraction.

Myanma Timber Enterprise will resume its activities to extract 17,000 tonnes of timber from Taninthayi mountain range.

The timber will be taken from a protected public forest and forest reserve of Taninthayi mountain range.
Some 2,000 tonnes of timber will be extracted from Dawei and the rest from Myeik in Taninthayi Region.
Wai Kyaing, MTE deputy general manager, said: “The timber extraction season starts on June 1 and ends on May 31 in 2018.

“The forest department will extract timber. It will be extracted on the basis of a rental contract, as our staff strength is not enough.
“We will sign a contract with the person who will be in charge of extracting 4,500 tonnes of timber. No one is allowed to extract more than 4,500 tonnes of timber.”

The MTE has an insufficient number of elephants, machinery and manpower, so the timber extraction will be handed over to business people. Instead of companies, the contract will be signed by business people.

Extracted timber should be resold for local use through a tender system. But if people who are not in the sawmill business participate in the tender system, the price of timber could jump sharply, Pyi Soe, chairman of Myeik District Sawmill Businesspeople, said.

The timber that will be extracted from Taninthayi will be sent to other regions and states.
Ye Myint Swe, a Myeik region MP, has talked about whether this needs a re-think. Residents have sent a letter of objection calling on the Union Government not to extract timber from Taninthayi mountain range.

Source : Eleven Myanmar