Google maps traffic congestion check available for Myanmar

Google Maps has added in traffic information functionality for Yangon and Mandalay where it would highlight and color code routes that were congested or otherwise.

It uses a tri-color system, with red being used to mark highly jammed roads while yellow and green are for mild and low amount of traffic respectively.

Many users have reported that for now, the traffic function is only exclusively available through smart phones and not computers. They also reported that not all users were able to access the feature.

The feature can be accessed by turning on the GPS, launching Google Map and pressing the newly added ‘’Traffic” button in the menu.

“It was just available today. Other countries have been using it for a while now and we’ve just gotten access to it. It tracks traffic via GPS from their satellites. For now, only Yangon and Mandalay can reliably use that service but hopefully, it will become available for other cities later. But some people have reported that they weren’t able to access. We don’t know the details as to why but we will have to see how things develop,” said Htoo Myint Naung from, CEO of Technomation, distributor of Polarstar GPS systems

Source : Eleven Myanmar

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