Yangon Floods, Rain Insurance a New Probably Market

Citizens had to wade in as torrential downpour transforms their beloved streets and pavements into brown and yellowish canals of overflowing sewage water.

Needless to say, winding chains of traffic jams could be seen snaking throughout the city in various places that were prone to flooding such as Tamwe and Sanchaung Townships.

Despite constant attempts by the Yangon City Development Council at clearing the rubbish and mud from the drains, a sudden prolonged downpour such as that still inevitably meant swimming in the comfort of your own home.

Commuters describe the Water World dystopian future-sque day; “I came from South Okkalapa and am going to East Hourse Race Course Road. The roads are jammed and water level is at least at knee high. Young students returning home were either stuck or had to turn back. Small cars, in some areas, would completely submerge if they drove on while bigger cars that went into the water have their engines stalled so people had to push their cars along the jam. The traffic policemen also had to wade in and push with them. It took at least half an hour just to get over that piece of the road,” said Driver Myo Min Latt.

Trains too were delayed and further train services eventually canceled as well as some stations as well as train tracks were submerged.

Yangon Region Government had promised a more prosperously dry future, claiming that plans are underway to improve Yangon’s drainage system.


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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