Regional Govt to Build Bridges, Underground Road System

The regional government plans to build bridges and an underground road system to connect Yangon’s older and newer sections, announced Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein on July 11.

“Yangon is densely populated, and the regional government plans to expand its area. We plan to build a new town on the opposite side of the Yangon River and the old town. It is not well developed. So we are preparing to build new bridges and an underground road system. We intend to make Yangon beautiful and keep the Yangon River in the middle of town,” said Phyo Min Thein.

“Myanmar’s development has lagged behind for over 50 years. There are requirements in every important sector in Yangon. The important issues to solve in Yangon are to develop urban projects, to modify drainage and garbage systems and to improve public transport. The regional government is handling those issues,” he said.

“More than seven million people live in Yangon Region, and about five million of them are in Yangon city. So we are planning to develop Yangon as well as its suburban areas. If not, people living in rural areas will come to live in Yangon. Now, there are squatters in industrial zones in the town,” said the chief minister.

The World Bank, IMF and IFC will invest in the new town project, said Yangon Region Electricity, Industry and Transport Minister Nilar Kyaw during an emergency meeting of the regional parliament on July 10.

The New Yangon Development Corporation will be the highest authority in developing the project in accordance with the Special Company Act, and it will implement separate electricity, telecommunications and water systems for the new town under purchasing power parity, she said.

Moreover, the regional government terminated agreements made between the previous government and three companies to develop the new town project on May 28, saying the project would be contracted to a larger number of local companies, she said.

She continued that developing a new town will help to solve big issues such as squatters, unemployment, providing clean water and electricity, traffic jams and reducing land prices.


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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