Water Buses in Yangon to be Equipped with GeoGuard GPS System

The Yangon water buses that will run in Hlaing river and Ngamoe Yeik creek will be equipped with the GeoGuard GPS system as an added safety measure, a senior company official said.

The GeoGuard GPS system is a European technology introduced in the country by Secured Nation Co. Ltd, according to Daw Tint Tint Lwin, managing director of the Tint Tint Myanmar Company, which will operate the water buses.

“We will fix this device in all our water buses. I had a chance to learn how this device works, and I really support this,” said Daw Tint Tint Lwin in a press briefing on Sunday.

The device is worth K13,000 and the daily charge is only K400 to K500. It can trace and control vehicles, ships and boats, she said.

“We have heard about so many accidents that happened in the highway because of the carelessness of drivers. If we can control vehicles using this technology, the accidents and death rates will decrease,” said Daw Tint Tint Lwin.

Daw Tint Tint Lwin said the device can continue operating for 24 hours without internet connection.

“In Myanmar, internet connections can sometimes be good and sometimes the connection can be bad. So we can face with some situations when sometimes we can’t trace our ships. The good point about this device is that it can run offline for 24 hours. We cooperate with this company not only to protect our own interest but also from the safety point of view,” she said.

GeoGuard system is fully controlled surveillance system with data analytics. It can control always, in real time tracking and provides detailed reports. It is also easy to operate and administer.

“We urge the government to take advantage of this system to all vehicles in order to reduce accidents due to human and technical errors,” said Daw Tint Tint Lwin.


Source: Myanmar Times

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