Companies eye Marnaung Island as new tourism hot spot

The Rakhine State government, Marnaung Public Co and FMI Public Co have submitted a proposal to set up a tourism project on Marnaung Island in Rakhine State to the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC), Hotels and Toursim Minister Ohn Maung.

The minister relayed the information in response to a question from Lower House MP Tin Nu Aung on July 20. The MP asked whether there were any plans to develop the tourism industry on the beaches of Marnaung Island.

Minister Ohn Maung said: “The government extended the Marnaung airport this financial year. The airport development work will continue up to the 2020-2021 fiscal year. A GMS mobile station is being set up. The Ministry of Electric Power and Energy, in collaboration with Marnaung Public Co and FMI Public Co, has submitted a proposal to build two 2-megawatt solar plants to the Rakhine State government to enable Marnaung Island to enjoy 24-hour power supply.”

The Rakhine State government partnered with the two companies to develop tourism on the island in 2016.

“We are asking for permission from MIC to continue the project. The master plan and detailed projects must be submitted in January 2018,” Minister Ohn Maung said.

“The state government and the ministries will continue cooperating in the development of the tourism sector on Marnaung Island. Moreover, they will give help secure permission for rapid implementation by Marnaung Public Co and FMI Public Co,” the minister said.

Source : Eleven Myanmar