Taninthayi holds talks on introduction of a bill on Freshwater fish Enterprise Law

MYEIK- District level talks on the introduction of a bill on Freshwater Fish Enterprise Law were being held in Taninthayi Region, led by the Speaker of Taninthayi Region Parliament.

The fishing and breeding of saltwater fish and prawn play a vital role in the Taninthayi Region- that’s why plan was underway to exactly emerge of a law for freshwater fish market, says the speaker of Taninthayi Region Parliament.

“We found that the freshwater fish had to meet the set standard in the market. The fish were mostly found in Taninthayi and Dawei Townships. So we are going to enact the freshwater fish enterprise law after reviewing weak and strong points, aiming for an amendment of the laws concerning freshwater fish. There are increasing numbers of a manageable scale for doing of freshwater fish enterprise. That’s why we need to create the law,” said Khin Maung Aye, a speaker of Taninthayi Region Parliament.

The Taninthayi River is one of the freshwater rivers in the Taninthayi Region. It flows into Dawei and Myeik Districts causing the villagers living on the embankment of the River to already depend on the freshwater river.

“In the law of Freshwater fish enterprise, there are 14 chapters and 68 sections. It was made after referencing the law of Rakhine State, which has the same geographical conditions of Taninthayi Region. However, the law is just only the bill. So a district level talk on the bill was held in Dawei Township on July 26th. Although we aimed to do the best for success of the bill, there were weak points in accordance with the meeting minutes of Dawei talk.

That’s why we suggested that the needs will be came out at the talk to be held in Myeik Township,” said MP Dr. Htoo Nay Aung.

MPs, district level departmental heads, marine entrepreneurs, and CSOs attended the talk on the bill of freshwater fish enterprise being held at the fishery department in Myeik District, on August 1st.

Source: Eleven