Yangon Regional Government Re-Confirms Proposed Agriculture Master Plan

Yangon’s Chief Min­ister stressed the importance of in­creasing the distribution and export of vegetables as part of the Region’s famed agriculture master plan at a meeting of the chamber of commerce.

Announced in early 2017,Yangon’s Chief Min­ister re-affirmed the mas­ter plan at a July 20 UM­FCCI meeting alongside Vice President U Myint Swe before local business leaders and members of the press.

“Yangon’s industrial ports, international air­port, and central geo­graphic location, make it an ideal location for a centralized trade of pro­duce,” Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein, said, referencing the master plan’s intentions to build a centralized wholesale vegetable market.

The sale and trade of vegetables in Myanmar has long been inhibited by the lack of preservation technology demanded by long distance produce shipping. This facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art preservation units required for growth in the industry, he added.

There are currently two wholesale agriculture markets in Yangon, at Danyingone and Thirim­ingalar. Ministers and agricultural technocrats have chosen Danyingone for the location of the proposed central market because of its strategic location and proximity to free space.

The Danyingone market is under construction on an 80 acre plot including upgraded cooling stor­age facilities and a digi­tal warehouse manage­ment system, U Phyo Min Thein noted.

U Phyo Min Thein fur­ther stressed the impor­tance of diversifying veg­etable cultivation. Yangon Region has approximately 1.2 million acres of culti­vatable land, the majority of which grow only rice.

Additionally, the Yan­gon regional government will increase the agricul­tural productivity of the Nyaung Napin agriculture and livestock breeding zone by providing voca­tional training to cultiva­tors and updated technol­ogy.

Source:Myanmar Business Today