Former outspoken MP establishes political school

The School of Law, Gender & Politics (SLGP) will train and educate individuals in law, politics and democracy, Daw Nyo Nyo Thin said at a press conference in Yangon to launch the school.

The former outspoken Yangon regional legislator, who holds a doctorate degree in law from Japan Yokohama National University, said she founded the school to help Myanmar people who want to take part in the country’s politics.

“There are many needs for professional politicians and administrators in the government. I hope to fill the void in Myanmar’s political field with my school in coming 10 years,” said Daw Nyo Nyo Thin.

The school has three main departments – law, gender and government – with a total of 30 subjects for all departments.

There is no age limit or educational requirements for applicants as long as they are willing to learn and have the time to attend the classes, she said, but added that applicants have to pass the entrance examinations.

Students can choose their preferred courses and will not have to pay all the fees for the first year of the school’s opening.

The school would have reading room and limited edition books on laws, politics and democracy.

The teaching method is basically through discussion groups among students and through self-study, said Daw Tin Tin Tun, co-founder and Gender Department Head of SLGP.

Dr Yan Myo Thein, a political commentator who attended the launching, said he welcomes the opening of the school.

“I hope that this school is the first step of political movement and it could change the political culture of Myanmar,” he said.

The SLGP’s Facebook page and website offer application forms for downloads. Applications will be open between September and November.

Students have to pass through the selection process before classes begin. They will have to do assignments and homework for 30 hours intensive studies in December.

After that, their term papers would be shown in public or private presentation. In March-April, the finalists for 60, 90 and 120 hrs courses will be announced. Applicants from ethnic regions will be given priority in selecting the finalists.

Source: Myanmar Times