Myanmar seeks to make world-class dairy products

The Myanmar Dairy Products Manufacturers’ Association and the Myanmar government are attempting to establish standards for milk products in order to promote its domestic dairy industry, according to a City News report, yesterday.

Currently, Myanmar imports milk products from Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, Poland, Indonesia, Germany and Thailand.

From 16 to 22 July, about 409 tons of condensed milk and 70 tons of the milk powder were imported through sea routes, according to the Commerce Ministry. Dairy products are also flowing into the country via Thailand-Myanmar land ports of entry.

Systematic laboratory tests and microbiological standards for raw materials used in manufacturing of milk are required for production of healthy dairy products to meet international standards. The Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department is setting standard for milk.

Once the standards are announced, domestic producers will need to manufacture the dairy products in line with the criteria.

Those dairy products will be placed in the market only after obtaining approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Myanmar Dairy Products Manufacturers’ Association will send 20 members to Thailand to attend dairy production course this month and members of this association in the regions and states are already informed this course.—GNLM

Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar