Police Step Up Crack Down on ATM Card Fraud

Local banks are teaming up with the Myanmar Police Force to crack down on il­legal cash withdrawals by counterfeit ATM cards, according to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Naypyidaw.

In a steamed effort to stop criminals from de­frauding Myanmar ATMs, police are installing CCTV cameras around cash machines, increasing levels of security, and even dis­patching uncover police officers to nearby areas, Police Captain Htay Aung from Nay Pyi Taw CID, told Myanmar Business Today.

“After meeting with local bankers, we have determined this is a grave issue that requires our immediate attention.

Especially upon learning that most offenders of this particular crime are foreigners. They cannot be allowed to come and take advantage of our country,” Police Captain Htay Aung said.

In June, two foreign­ers withdrew K1.5 million from Yoma Bank and Kanbawza Bank ATMs in Mawlamyaing using counterfeit bank cards. Last year, 6 foreigners with phony cards stole K10 million from several ATMs around Yangon city.

In the 2016 Mawlamyaing case, some of the for­eign suspects were captured, while others have evaded capture. The My­anmar Police Force, by na­ture, prefer not to disclose information to the public, but experts surmise that the suspects are hiding out deep in the jungle, operat­ing without any decent re­straint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct.

“Local ATM security has some holes that need patching. Authorities should start by address­ing security guards.

After waking them up, they should be informed that rather than playing games on their phones, they should act as diligent defenders guarding against the unsound methods of criminals,” Evan Barker, Regional Director of Se­curity and Infrastructure, Bank of Sharjah, said on a visit to Myanmar.

To effectively put an end to ATM fraud, Myanmar Police Force plans to work closely with the bank security guards to enhance methods of identifying suspects, improving observation techniques, and sharing intelligence.

Source: Myanmar Business Today