Betel leaf Market to Thrive for a Year on High Price

Market prices of betel leaf are looking robust for the whole year, said betel leaf farmers from Shwe Ku Te Su village, Khin U township, Sagaing Region, on August 5.

Betel leaf prices are higher this year than previous years: 1 viss (1.6kg) of betel did not fall below K1,000, and things are turning out as expected for farmers this year, said farmer Daw Yin Hlaing.

“During the previous years, 1 viss [1.6kg] of betel leaf was priced around K200, or K500.

“But now, the price did not go below K1,000. The prices during the other months are where prices will rise. This year, things are looking advantageous for the farmers,” she said.

For the remaining months – September, October, November, and December – prices will increase as the production of betel leaf is on decline, said Daw Yin Hlaing.

“It’s a good year for farmers as the remaining months will be bringing in great prices.

“A few days ago, prices became lower as the leaves were riddled with bugs. If not, much higher prices can be obtained,” she said.

Betel leaf prices jumped to K1,000 per viss (1.6kg), and climbed to K2,500 per viss on August 2, due to market conditions. Prices are expected to climb up, farmer Daw Latt added.

“The prices are going to soar. As in the remaining months, the production of betel leaf is going to go down, it’s certain that the prices will be great.

“This month is the month where the farmers can celebrate. Before, farmers faced losses not just because of the low prices, but also due to hail,” she noted.

The highest price for 1 viss (1.6kg) of betel leaf can cost over K10,000, and the lowest is K200 per viss, pointed out Daw Latt.

“The leaves are plucked … once per week.

“Because the prices are great, farmers are overjoyed. An investment of K500,000 to K600,000 must be inserted to plant around 400 betel plants. You can usually get the money three times monthly,” she continued.

There are about 400 houses at Shwe Ku Te Su village and there are about 300 betel leaf farmers, she said.


Source: Myanmar Times

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