Ministry Constructs Reduced Cost Housing For Public Servants

The Ministry of Plan­ning and Finance has announced a plan to build housing pro­jects to lease exclusively to public servants at re­duced rates, beginning later this year.

The Ministry of Plan­ning and Finance has des­ignated regions in Naypy­idaw, Mandalay, Yangon, and a few other states and regions as target areas for government housing projects, according to the Department of Urban and Housing Development under Ministry of Con­struction.

“We have already select­ed plots of land in Naypy­idaw and Mandalay. The selection process for the Yangon housing is under­way and will be finalized in August. We are also in the process of detailing the building’s design and structural layout,” U Win Naing, Deputy Director of Urban and Housing De­velopment, told Myanmar Business Today.

Dagon Seikan and Shwe Pyi Thar have been select­ed as potential locations for the Yangon building site. The government has said that the site will re­quire 100 acres of land but has not specified the number of apartments.

In Mandalay, the hous­ing project sits on 30 acres of land and has 1,640 in Magin Gone vil­lage. Naypyitaw’s housing project occupies 20 acres in Dekkhina Thiri but has yet to confirm the number of apartments.

Although the govern­ment has not released a tender for construction to handle the Yangon project, they have made it clear that construction will commence this year. The completion of each building takes 2 years, ac­cording to Department of Urban and Housing De­velopment.

Apartments will be al­located to public servants by a quota system, which “ensures efficiency, effec­tiveness, and that resi­dents pay the lowest pos­sible price,” U Win Naing, Deputy Director of Urban and Housing Develop­ment Department, said.


Source: Myanmar Business Today

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