Yangon Receives Mobile Power Generator by GE

Yangon will deploy a new K30 billion (US$22 million) 25-megawatt mobile generator to meet the city’s electricity demand during peak periods and emergencies.

The TM2500 generator (pictured below) by GE Myanmar will be funded under the President’s Reserve Fund. GE and its partner, Golden Green Energy, transferred the TM2500 to the Yangon Region Government in the first week of August.

The mobile generator, which was delivered to the government within 60 days after the agreement, will be managed by Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise and Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation under the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.

The TM2500 is a mobile power plant designed to supply electricity during peak periods. It can generate enough electricity for 160,000 households. Currently, peak load consumption across the country is 2,500 MW. That is expected to increase to 4,500 MW by 2020. The majority of demand will come from Yangon, which has the most factories, businesses and public services, according to the Asia Development Bank.

In Yangon, demand for electricity far outweighs supply, resulting in frequent power supply cuts. Meanwhile, a back-up source of energy is also urgently needed when the main power plants in Yangon are shuttered for maintenance.

Enter the TM2500. “It doesn’t take even one month to install TM2500 and it can be transported quickly. When the main power plants in Yangon are shut down for maintenance, TM2500 can be used as an alternative source of power, U Tun Kywe said. “And it is useful for emergencies if the power plant breaks down.”

Mobile TM2500 generators are used worldwide and among the gas turbine generators, TM2500 is the most frequently used.

In addition, it can also be moved and supply electricity to off-grid areas. Warm-up time is just ten minutes so it can supply electricity in a very short time, especially during emergency situations, GE Myanmar said.

Although it is powered by a gas turbine, TM2500 has dual-fuel capacity and can run on both fuel and gas. It can be connected to the national grid, separate grids or off-grid and can therefore be used to supply electricity to Special Economic Zones or industrial zones.

“It takes many years to build power plants. TM2500 is very suitable for the short-term but also the long-term requirement of Myanmar electricity sector,” chief country representative from GE Myanmar Mr. Andre Lee said.


Source: Myanmar Times

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