Government to open vocational training schools for dropouts in Yangon

The Yangon government and the Ministry of Education will start collaboration in running vocational training schools in the region to help youth dropouts find gainful employment, Yangon Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein said.

“Children who drop out from school will finally have a chance to get access to education that they can afford,” U Phyo Min Thein said on August 12 at the opening of a non-formal education school at Basic Education High School No. 2 Hlaing Tharyar.

“They can get job opportunities and also be the skilled labour for the country, so we need to offer vocational training to the children from the non-formal education school. We will collaborate with the ministry of education to upgrade the vocational the situation,” he said.

The non formal education program started in 2008-2009 academic year in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Myanmar Literacy Resource Center, UNICEF, other donors.

The program provides an opportunity for children for children who dropped out of school.

There are a total of 59 vocational training centres located in various government technical institutes and technical high schools throughout the country, but these can only accommodate 20,000 students each year due to insufficient workshops.

In addition to these vocational training centres, the MOE also gives short-term vocational training courses in cooperation with the private sector.

“We also study what kind of vocational trainings we can give in Hlaing Tharyar for dropouts while they are studying at non-formal education school,” U Myo Thein Gyi, minister for education, said.

“Our ministry plans to train youths so they can work for industrial areas like Hlaing Tharyar and Shwe Pyi Thar and boost the skilled labor market” he added.

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi also encouraged vocational education in the peace talk that was held on August 7 in Mandalay Region.

Source: Myanmar Times