Jade exports earnings plummet since last year

In the first four months of this fiscal year, jade export earnings reached US$24.8 million, down $85 million since the same period last year, according to an official from the commerce ministry.

“In the same period last year, export earnings from jade amounted to $109.8 million,” the official said. “Revenues generated at the emporium held in early August are not included in export earnings.”

A total of 6,561 jade lots and 326 gem lots were on show at the 54th Myanmar Gem Emporium, which was held from August 2 to 11.

Gem lots worth the floor price of 5,000 euros and above, uncut jade lots worth 4,000 euros and above and finished jade lots worth 1,000 euros and above were on display at the emporium.

All jade and gem lots were sold through an open tender system. In previous emporiums, jade and gem lots were sold through competitive bidding as well as an open tender system.

Jade stones are produced commercially in the Lonekhin and Hpakant regions, while rubies are produced in the Mogok and Monghsu regions. Sapphire and other gems are also produced in the Mogok region.

Source: Eleven