Lottery sales raise Ks19bn

The Aungbarlay State Lottery Department says it made more than Ks19 billion from selling Ks500 lottery tickets for the six-monthly lottery.

The department said more than Ks11 billion would be used for more than 120,000 prizes.

It said 42,300,000 tickets had been sold over six months.

A total of 47 single and combined alphabets were used for the tickets, it added.

The price of lottery tickets increased from Ks200 to Ks500 and prizes rose.

The officials say the number of Ks50,000 prizes increased this month.

The new Ks500 lottery tickets with a grand prize of Ks1 billion have been selling well since their launch in March, according to retailers.

The Ks500 lottery includes Ks1 billion, Ks500 million and Ks100 million prizes. The smallest prize is Ks50,000.

Shops selling tickets above the face value would be blacklisted, the State Lottery Department warned. Under the measures, anyone on the blacklist would have their lottery licences revoked and have their deposit confiscated by the government.

Up to 60 per cent of profits from tickets were given away as winnings and the rest added to government coffers, it said. The government earned over Ks21 billion in 2011-12, more than Ks26 billion in 2012-13, Ks29 billion in 2013-14, Ks30 billion in 2014-15 and Ks34 billion in 2015-16.

The sale of Ks200 lottery tickets ended on May 31.

Source: Eleven