Mandalay invites bids for CCTVs at 32 traffic lights

The Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) is inviting open tenders for installation of 11 SCATS system real-time traffic light sensors and CCTV cameras at all traffic lights installed with SCATS systems in the city to boost motorist safety and reduce car accidents.

Twenty-one SCATS system traffic light sensors were installed in traffic lights during fiscal year 2016-17 and another 11 traffic lights which be installed with SCATS systems during fiscal 2017-18.

CCTV cameras will also be installed at these 32 traffic lights, said an official from Mandalay City Development Committee.

The open tender will start on September 15 for these two projects and the deadline for the open tender is September 28.

Persons who want to apply for the tender will have to buy tender application forms costing K10,000 each.

And send them to the Department of Buildings and Warehouses under Mandalay City Development Committee.

About K1.10 million will be spent on installing the 11 SCATS systems in traffic lights in 2017.

More than K2.70 million had been spent installing 21 SCATS systems in traffic lights in 2016, according to the Buildings and Warehouses Department.

U Ohn Kyaw, head of the Department of Buildings and Warehouses of Mandalay City Development Committee, told The Myanmar Times that although the SCATS system traffic lights will run on automatic timers, a red light will be triggered if any vehicles enter the road within a specified time, so, it is very convenient for pedestrians and they will be safe from accidents.

He added that as pedestrian crossing lines and safety signs are also installed at every traffic light these new systems will add an extra measure of protection for pedestrians.

The 21 traffic lights which had already been installed last year are being monitored in the control room of the MCDC office daily.

Source: Myanmar Times