Jovago Offers Myanmar Online Payment Method, a hotel-booking website, has introduced two new online payment methods in partnership with 2C2P.

“The new payment sys­tem will help our busi­ness move from manual payment to a digital vir­tual payment system to improve customer satis­faction and ease of trans­action. We are happy to provide better payment system in response to our valuable customers,” Frans Maas, Managing Director of, said. The virtual payment sys­tem includes two kinds of payment methods, MPU and ‘1-2-3’ payment.

The 1-2-3 payment sys­tem involves customers purchase Jovago credit at the nearest Grab & Go, Lugyi Min Mobile shop, Capital supermarket, Wai Yan Showrooms, or sev­eral other loactions. They can then go and use the bar code from car pur­chased to book vacations online.

The more commonly used MPU payment sys­tem, involves a similar credit system but with a reusable bank card. MPU credit can be topped up at CB Bank, KBZ Bank, AGD Bank, or AYA Bank and the card itself can be used at a variety of locations including, by the end of 2017, City Market Super­markets.

Jovago entered Myan­mar in December 2015 and is linked with 900 hotels in 20 townships. 2C2P is a Singapore-based pan-Asian payment services company that works with financial insti­tutions, e-commerce and m-commerce merchants.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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