Pilot project to begin shipping from Thilawa to upper Myanmar

Transport authorities are planning to ship goods from the Thilawa port to the Simikhone port in upper Myanmar this month, according to the Inland Water Transport Department.

The arrangement is jointly operated by Inland Water Transport and SA Marine Co.

The first shipment will include chicken feed from JAPFA Comfeed Myanmar and will be sent using a department-owned barge and a rented tugboat, as it is a pilot project. The cargo will be stored inside containers. The company has chicken feed factories in Yangon and in an industrial zone in Myothar. The raw materials for the factory will be sent from Yangon to upper Myanmar.

The company will pay Ks 84,000 to hire the barge from the department, and the charges for the whole trip will be based on the duration of the trip.

The trip is expected to take for about 20 days. The department will set fixed rates from the first trip if the pilot project is successful, and it will arrange for more barges from the department to run. More shipments will be arranged by SA Marine if the business is profitable.

Source : Eleven Myanmar