Foreigners get involved in illicit sale and purchase in Myanmar fishery

According to Myanmar Fishery Products Processors and Exporters Association, foreigners got involved in illicit sale and purchase in Myanmar fishery business.

U Myo Nyunt, secretary of Myanmar fishery products processors and exporters association said, “There are many foreigners getting involved in fishery business.”

They did not purchase the products themselves. Instead they made Myanmars buy for them. If prawns sell for K 6000 or 7000 per viss in reality, they outbid more than the current prices. No one can compete with them, on prices, in outbidding.”

At present, fish and prawns are very rare in markets and due to such illicit sale and purchase, local fishery businessmen are suffering loss, it was learnt.

U Myo Nyunt added, “To put it simply, they should compete with honesty, that is, they should officially register. Now, they export the products without paying license fees.”

And, he noted that Myanmar should apply modernized breeding methods for the adequate acquisition of the products, adding “Fish breeding entrepreneurs are breeding tiny amounts of fish in a large fish breeding bond, so they cannot produce to the full capacity. Nowadays a large amount of fishes are being produced in a small area of fish breeding pond to the full capacity. Compared to foreign income from fishery of foreign countries, Myanmar’s income is only one third.

In addition, it needs to produce it as value-added products instead of exporting as raw materials.” Myanmar fishery products fetched US $ 502.63 million from 568970.89 metric ton in FY 2015-2016. In FY 2016-2017 Myanmar fishery products fetched US $ 605.819 million from 438706.505 metric ton export, it was learnt.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar