Monitoring system updated for Thilawa SEZ and Yangon River

Myanmar-Japan Thilawa Development Limited (MJTD) set up a weather monitoring system, using Japanese technology, at Thilawa Special Economic Zone and surface water level sensor on the Yangon River, said MJTD.
The weather monitoring system provides information on wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, air pressure, temperature and humidity levels as well as water levels in the Thilawa area. Cameras have infra-red capable technology, allowing for the transmission of images, even at night.

“These systems can help to prepare for natural disasters for locators and investors inside the SEZ,” said Takashi Yanai, President and CEO of MJTD at a press conference on September 15.

Hourly data transmission will also provide real-time observation for forecast verification and weather monitoring. All these systems contribute to disaster risk reduction, a much needed update to minimise damages and to protect people’s livelihood, according to MJTD Ltd.

“Up to 70 kilometres around Thilawa area will be covered by this weather system,” said Naoki Sakai , executive director (for solutions development and new business planning) of E-trust, a company that provides the infrastructure of the monitoring system.

MJTD will share weather monitoring and water level data with related Myanmar government offices, such as the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Myanmar Port Authorities and the Directorate of water Resources and Improvement of River Systems.

The data is being transmitted to a cloud web server, allowing users to access the data through internet connection, even from a mobile phone.

“It is a very good automatic system for weather monitoring. Before this system, we measured manually once every three hours. This system is very useful for weather forecast at every instant,” said Daw Ye Ye Nyein, Director of the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.

Source : Myanmar Times