Taunggyi balloon festival contract may go for K280m

The Shan State government obtained K280.2 million from the tender of the Taunggyi Tazaungdaing balloon festival, State Finance Minister U Sai Shal Talon told The Myanmar Times on Thursday.

The annual Taunggyi Tazaungdaing balloon festival will be held for eight days from October 27 to November 3.

Initially, there were 14 applicants who expressed their intention to bid to organise the festival but only 11 entered the bidding process, according to U Sai Shal Talon.

After the bidding committee explained the terms and conditions for the festival, only six persons took part in the final round of bidding, he said.

“As it is dangerous, shops cannot be opened on the township grounds. The price was the same as last year: K2500 lakh,” U Sai Shal Talon said. “We are explaining that if one can compete, he can participate, otherwise, just sign and leave.”

“Expenditure for the festival would include allowances for 700 policemen who will provide security, meals for them and other departmental costs. All of them are included in floor price, “ the finance minister said.

Last year, the floor price was set at K250 million but due to criticism that it was too high, the price was reduced to K200 million. But this year, it was set at K250 million again, he added.

This year’s festival will include a stage show featuring the Iron Cross Band that will entertain the crowd and more people are expected to attend this year’s festival.

The Taunggyi Tazaungdaing balloon festival has been held for over 70 years now, according to U Sai Shal Talon.

Source: Myanmar Times

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