Three Gas-Generators to supply electricity needed for Myawady

Myawady, a Myanmar-Thailand border area town, is going to be supplied electricity needed for the town’s power consumption starting from November 2017 with three gas generators which produce 2 mega-watts each. Presently, efforts are being made for the full acquisition of 8 mega-watts bought from Thailand, according to Shwemyit Thaungyin power distribution enterprise.

At present, Shwemyit Thaungyin Company, a tender winner, has been running its operation starting from March 2017. At the start of the operation, power break-downs, insufficient power supply and alternate power cut-outs are more increasing.

U Saw Tin Win, managing director of Shwemyit Thaungyin power distribution enterprise explained in detail to the media on 8 October, “Before now, electricity bought from Thailand was said to be 8 mega-watts but present power distribution across the town is 6.8 mega-watts only. So, in last September we have already paid Baht 31.4 million to the Electricity Department of Thailand as a surety for the full acquisition of 8 mega-watts. PEA of Thailand is going to send 8 mega-watts to Myawady. And, threegas generators which can produce 2 mega-watts each at the end of this month in Myawady Industrial Zone will operate.”

“Just at the time when we started to take office, we paid Baht 17 million to Thailand, equivalent to K 700 million in Myanmar currency. We are responsible for electricity. Had there been power cut-outs, people would have insulted us. For this, we need not to be upset. It is incumbent upon us to think about how we will find out solutions. So, we had planned to produce 2 mega-watts in the industrial zone. To do so, it will cost us K 800 million. We will operate 3 gas generators.

Presently, what we invested in the project amounted to K 3000 million. Until now, we had not yet got any profits, being far from recovering the invested amount. Yet, we will try our best to fulfill the need of people and to make them utilize power regularly. In early November, we guarantee that the whole Myawady area will be bright with lights, due to 1.2 mega-watts to be refilled from Thailand and 3 gas generators that will produce 2 mega-watts,” said U Saw Tin Win.

Presently, for not causing any difficulty for town dwellers power cut-outs are being made in the locations such as hotels and other places which consume power a lot at nights so as to distribute power in civilian areas. In the first week of November, all power problems will be solved, it was learnt.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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