Land dispute in Myotha industrial park nears end

Ninety percent of lands that were taken for an industrial project has been compensated for in the Myotha industrial park in Mandalay Region, said U Tun Soe, deputy staff officer of Land Records Department.

The compensation for lands grabbed in the Myotha industrial park project is K2million per acre for farmlands with rights already granted and pastures and K0.5 million per acre for squat lands.

“There were nearly 50 farmers who did not take the payment at all. Most took K2 million per acre but some did not accept K0.5 million per acre for squat land,” said U Tun Soe.

Ngar Zon township, home to the industrial park, lagged behind in Mandalay Region’s development.

The area was chosen to implement the industrial complex under former President U Thein Sein’s term. The project extends over 8490 acres of pasture land and 1999 acres of unused land.

Mandalay Myotha industrial park project started in 2013 on over 10,000 acres of lands with US$123 million of investment.

“There are only 986 acres of lands which can be used for farming in this project area. However, the farmers started working the pastures and other lands. A plan was made to give fair compensation to them (the farmers),” said U Tun Soe.

Source: Myanmar Times

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