Yangon water bus biodiesel plan to support farmers

An Australian agricultural company will give support for growing plants which can be used in biodiesel production within two years.

This was the message from Tint Tint Lwin of Tint Tint Myanmar Co as he spoke at the opening ceremony of Yangon Water Bus service held on October 6. She said the biodiesel producing crops would be grown within two years.

“This agricultural company will give their support to our farmers to grow biodiesel producing plants on the banks of rivers within one or two years. We will produce biodiesel which will be used by our vessels in the Yangon Water Bus Service within two years,” Tint Tint Lwin said.

She did not disclose yet the name of this agricultural company.

The biodiesel produced from this project will be used primarily by vessels in the Yangon Water Bus Service and then the project will be expanded for use by other inland water boats.

“We will grow the plants … which can be used for biofuel production. This plant can be grown only in Myanmar and India. We will grow these plants in cooperation with agricultural experts from Australia. Fortunately the soil in Myanmar is the best soil suitable for growing these plants. So we invited this Australian agricultural company to grow these plants in Myanmar,” Tint Tint Lwin said.

The Tint Tint Myanmar company also has a five year plan for prevention of water pollution caused by Yangon Water Bus Service in the Yangon River. This five-year Environment Plan also includes the project for production of biodiesel.

The Yangon Water Bus Service kicked off this week and will run from Botataung jetty to Insein Aung Zeya jetty in the first phase. Then this service will be extended to Nyaungdan-North Dagon, Star City-South Dagon routes.

Unlike the fossil fuels, biodiesel is touted as renewable energy. Biofuel can be produced from plants, waste leaves and animal fats, the aim being to minimize environmental pollution.

It is claimed that biodiesel produces less greenhouse and toxic gases than normal fossil fuel and diesel oil.

Source : Mizzima

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