YCDC should speed up approval process for building construction

The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) should look into the long waiting times before permits to construct multi-storied buildings in the city are awarded to applicants, U Thet Tun Win, MP from Botahtaung Township, said at the Yangon Region Parliament.

Currently, it takes at least one year before the construction permits are made available to applicants by the YCDC, leading to a loss cost overruns and loss of income.

“As far as I know, the YCDC takes three months to survey and measure the area and another 1.5 months to consider the applicant’s building proposal. It takes another 2-3 months for pure water distribution and cesspit and pipeline systems to be assessed. Official confirmation from the Engineering Department takes two months, while a final approval from the committee takes another 2-3 months,” said U Thet Tun Win.

As a result, many developers proceed with the construction of the buildings before receiving official permission to do so.

This did not use to be the case in the past though. “Before 2010, it only took three months to receive permission for commencing construction of the buildings from the [YCDC] Engineering Department,” said U Thet Tun Win.

“Now, the application procedure involves so many steps. YCDC should look into this and urge the related departments to speed up the process.”

The process could take even longer if things don’t improve. An upcoming new rule, under which permits will only be given after applicants are cleared for tax debts, could further prolong things.

One way to speed up the process is by reducing the layers of approval and involving fewer department heads in decision-making, said U Thet Tun Win.

But stricter measures should also be taken on the applicants themselves, said Yangon mayor U Maung Maung Soe during the parliament session. For example, if the required documentation is complete, permits can be obtained within a much shorter time.

“We always remind applicants to complete the documents before submitting. Sometimes, the applicants also take too much time searching for the right documents needed. For our part, we are working to make ensure quality and proper living conditions at each building. But we can’t take too long and are looking for a solution to shorten the process,” he said.

Meanwhile, action will also be taken on developers who begin construction before receiving an official permit. “Up until July 2017, we have taken action on 1,516 developers who had commenced construction while waiting for a permit, and 575 others who were constructing illegally,” said U Maung Maung Soe.

Source : Myanmar Times

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