Clean water for Dala

A project focusing on developing access to clean water has been implemented in seven locations of Dala township, located across Yangon’s river from downtown Yangon, which remains underdeveloped.

The project is carried out between Yangon city development committee and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It is expected to be completed by mid-2018, said Dr Aung Ko Oo, deputy director of Health Department, Yangon City Development Committee.

“When we discuss about the things most needed for development, we realised it was drinkable water. So we prioritised it,” explained U Aung Ko Oo.

Machines to purify the water in Dala township have to be installed along with artesian wells. The machinery aims at purifying lake water during rainy season and the wells during summer to then be distributed.

Training to maintain the machines will be offered to locals.

Concerning distribution, ADB will provide a 20 liters water bottle and carts to carry the water to each home.

“When water gets scarce, people can get water from the wells. Some have to wait for people to share water, but they cannot always do so even though they want to. They cannot donate as much as they wish due to transportation costs,” said U Aung Ko Oo.

Although Dala city is neighbor to Yangon, and even included in the municipal area, it lagged behind in term of development as it is located across the river. Therefore, it was chosen for the implementation of development project.

Over there, residents dig into the ground to reach drinkable water, or wait for donations. Although donations come from both the local and international community during the summer, residents still face water scarcity, said U Hla Myint, Ant Gyi ward administrator in Dala township.

“People hope this project will be finished quickly. They have great expectations about it, to get purified water,” he said.

In Dala, water scarcity starts at the end of March and leads to cases of diarrhea as a result from drinking dirty water. The project hopes to alleviate the issue.

Beside for the project led in Dala, transportation, drain and waste-cleaning programs have been conducted jointly by the ADB and the city development committee in Hlaing Thar Yar township. Yangon Region also welcomed the construction of connecting pipelines and better distribution of water to areas affected by shortages.

Source : Myanmar Times

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