Yangon Payment Services Invitation for tender (Second Step). Closing Date 14 Nov 2017

Yangon Payment Services Invitation for tender (Second Step)
Agency: Yangon Region Transport Authority Supervisory Committee
Category: Payment Services

Tender opening date – 10/17/2017
Tender closing date – 11/14/2017

(A) Tender sale of the Second Step of the application forms and the RFP tender – 17/10/2017
(B) Tender to explain about the second step detailed information on 20/10/2017 (15:00) Yangon Region Government Office Room (2)
(C) RFP final acceptance – 14/11/2017
(D) (Second level) announces successful tenders – From 27/11/2017 to 1/12/2017
(E) The presentation (third level) – From 27/12/2017 to 11-12-2017
(F) Selection of Yangon government to finalize the Cabinet meeting and statement – published 26/12/2017
(G) The commercial contract – 2018, January, third week

Source: YRTA

Comment from Consult-Myanmar: Take note that you need to have participated in the First Step of the invitation and been shortlisted before you can apply for the Second Step.

See the first step invitation for tender at https://consult-myanmar.com/2017/08/14/invitation-for-tender-for-supply-of-cashless-payment-system-for-ybs-bus/

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