Car Brokers Refuse to Vacate Crumbling Market Building

CAR brokers are still using the Thiri Mingalar old market, ignoring warnings by the Yangon City Development Committee that the place is very dangerous as parts of its concrete ceiling have begun to collapse.

The Thiri Mingalar market was built in 1997 and has been used for 20 years. Many businesses have been using the building and it also has enough space to park 2000 vehicles for trading.

But on August 16, YCDC issued a notice that the market is a dangerous building and ordered the closure of the car centre as some of the areas have deteriorated.

‘’Now, the building is no longer able to handle anymore vehicles. We have warned the brokers and car owners to avoid this dangerous situation and find another compound,” U Maung Maung Zaw, head of the Planning Department at YCDC said in August.

“We can’t be responsible for the loss if they do not move in time,” he added.

Last week, a portion of concrete ceiling collapsed, damaging two cars, but the brokers still refused to vacate the compound and urged YCDC to repair the building.

‘’What happened was a small accident and two cars suffered a little damage. Many trucks are running in this building and because of vibration, the concrete ceiling fell down. If YCDC renovates the building, there will be no problem,” said U Aung Than Win, chair of the Automobile Trade Association.

‘’YCDC knows which company constructed this building. But the term of building is not over and we can continue to use it after it is renovated,” said U Aung Than Win.

The YCDC has agreed to allow car traders to use the building until October, but the brokers were not making efforts to transfer their businesses elsewhere.

Also, the YCDC has yet to find an alternative location that can accommodate 2000 vehicles.

Currently, there are 21 car trading compounds with a combined inventory of 6,000 vehicles in Yangon Region. The compounds are opened from 6am to 6pm and cars are driven to and from the various compounds each day, worsening the city’s traffic problems. Having a single, centralised compound will help eliminate traffic congestion.


Source: Myanmar Times

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