Vessels Plying Rivers and Streams in Yangon to be Inspected

Yangon region government is planning to monitor and inspect all vessels running in rivers and streams in the region as quickly as possible, said Nilar Kyaw, regional minister for electricity, industry and transport during a parliament session held on November 20.

She replied to a question raised by MP Thein Swe of No.2 Seikkyi Kanaungto Constituency as to how the regional government is applying safety rules to Shwe Yangon, a company operating ferry boats in Seikkyi Kanaungto township.

Shwe Yangon was allowed to operate in 1995 under the former government, and the township general administrative office allowed 170 20-horse-powered ferryboats from the company to operate in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

The regional government has organised a temporary private vessels supervising committee   to supervise the operation of vessels in the region. The government will organise the Yangon region private vessels supervising committee in line with bylaws and the regional government will continue to organise district and townships supervising committees, she said.

Staff from the general administrative office are taking field trips to inspect the vessels every year and have issued licenses for them to operate, she said.


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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