Hlaing Campus Wing Reopens

More than 1,000 freshmen year students will be attending classes for the 2017-2018 academic years in that wing.

According to an official from the ministry of education, the Hlaing wing was pulled back into the fray as the university needed to accommodate more students, particularly first-year students enrolling in sciences and arts, despite the lack of necessary facilities.

Other buildings housing kindergarten to primary level students within the Hlaing campus have been moved as well to make way for expected growth in tertiary-level students in the future.

University- and college-level classes for sophomores and seniors began on December 1, while freshman classes started on December 4 all across Myanmar.

Students reported that attending the reopened part of the Hlaing campus has been satisfactory so far.

The Department of Higher Education had announced online and has put up notices all around the campus to remind students to finish up necessary paperwork and to report any form of unscrupulous conduct by staff members directly to top management such as the Rector.


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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