Sagaing Region Files Charges Against Alleged Trespassers

The Sagaing regional government has filed charges against farmers for allegedly encroaching on government-owned land in Myay Mon village in Kanbalu township, said Regional Agricultural and Irrigation Minister U Kanzar Mone.

The minister said the farmers encroached on the property of the Myay Mon seed farm, which is under the ministry.

“Some farmland disputes in the region are still being investigated, while some have already been resolved,” the minister told The Myanmar Times on Tuesday.

“More than 1000 acres of farmland had been given back to the farmers who own them after the investigation process,” he added. “But in this case, the farmers have been sued as they have trespassed on government-owned land in Myay Mon.”

More than 4000 acres of farmland in Myay Mon, Buu Gone and Zar Dee villages in Kanbalu township have been seized between 1980 and 1981.

In 1997, 3000 acres was transferred to No.8 Military Supply and Transport in Shwebo, Sagaing Region, and currently these lands are being operated as Myay Mon pure strain farmland under the ministry, the residents said.

U Nyunt Win, a resident in Myay Mon, said that when the government took over the lands in 1980, the government did not compensate the farmers.

The government did not respond to their letters demanding the return of the confiscated lands to their owners. That’s why, in April, protests and growing seeds events were held by locals after requesting and receiving official permission, he said.

“Even though they say it is a seed farm, we haven’t seen what they have done with it,” U Nyunt Win said. “So far, we have seen pigeon peas grown on this land, and there are vacant areas which are unused.”

“We only want the vacant lot to be given back to us. We have done all that we can to get the land back. But, it does not work so far. Worse, the farmers have been sued and they are very upset,” he added.


Source: The Myanmar Times


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