Yangon Warns Telecoms to Get Proper Permits

The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has warned telecommunications companies that have been given licenses to apply for permits when installing equipment or building communications towers in the city.

The November 28 announcement in the state newspaper said some companies that have obtained telecommunications licences within YCDC area have set up equipment related to fiber optic cables, erected cell towers, and installed Wi-Fi devices without securing the necessary permits from the office.

It said only the MPT and the Eager Communications Group companies have obtained the legal permits to conduct operations in the city.

“Companies that have not yet acquired the permits have until December 31 to apply for it,” the YCDC statement said. “If the companies failed to get a permit on that date, the equipment and devices that they have installed and set up will be dealt accordingly to existing laws and bylaws.”

“There are many cables and devices installed without necessary permits from YCDC,” the official said.  “For example, cell towers can be erected after getting permission from the landowners and building owners, but fiber cables and other cables extending out from the tower can only be linked after passing through YCDC-owned land, so, a permit must be obtained from YCDC.”

Companies that haven’t acquired permits can get an application form from Roads and Bridges Department of YCDC starting November 28, he said, adding that at present over seven companies have filed their applications for permits.

U Myo Swe, deputy director general for the Department of Post and Telecommunication, said that under the existing laws, companies can erect their towers or install equipment on top of buildings through direct negotiations with building owners.

“However, if they set up in public area and the municipal land area, they need official permission from the municipal,” he said.

Telecommunications Law Section  (13), section (41), states, “The Service Licensee may, for enabling to make installation or connection of Network Facilities, carry out the following activities in the place granted permission with an agreement of both sides after negotiation including a time schedule with the relevant owner of land and building or the person who has authority to manage such land and building.”

“Telenor Myanmar received official license from the Myanmar government and has been providing its services with permission and in cooperation with the departments concerned and the regional authorities. It will continue its cooperation with all concerned agencies,” said U Alex Nyi Nyi Aung, a corporate communications officer at Telenor Myanmar.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is also granting “I” license, “N” license and “AS” license to local and foreign companies by reviewing the operations in accordance with the existing Telecommunication Law and Procedures.

There are 90 local companies and 40 foreign companies that were given communication servicing licenses up to October 25, according to the ministry’s records.


Source: Myanmar Times


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