Yangon MPs Condemn Large-Scale Housing Project

Yangon Region MPs have heavily criticised the Eco Green City housing project to be built in Bago Township for failing to submit detailed plans.

Dagon Township’s MP Kyaw Zayya claimed that even though everyone knew about the 1,400-acre-plus project and that Shwe Than Lwin group was behind it, not once has it been properly handled by either the regional or Union parliaments.

“We’ve known about it since the squatters on that land were being chased away. The company, Alliance Star, is Shwe Than Lwin. They initially asked for 20 acres of land regarding Media Village but the government discussed with them also about building on this land.

“I’ve been waiting for this project to be brought up in the Union (parliament). I’ve not heard hide nor hair of it. I’m a part of the region, so I also know that it’s not been properly discussed,” said the MP.

He claimed that this large project seemed to get a pass without anyone discussing important things such as the contract with the government and/or even a tender process.

An event commemorating the initiation of the Eco Green City was held on December 23, attended by many high ranking officials including Union Ministers and MPs among them.

MP Kyaw Kyaw Tun said that it was briefly brought up in the Yangon parliament as a follow-up plan for Yangon mega city development to which MPs responded by requesting the project to be submitted independently on its own with minute plans.

He said that ever since then no word had come back to the parliament until they started initiating on the project.

“We only asked for an independent submission. We didn’t say no. These things should be done through the parliament because it’s a big project. It’s a democracy and MPs representing the people must be respected and informed. Only then we can discuss and input recommendations. But the details were never brought to the parliaments. There’s no transparency. We weren’t informed anything in-depth about this,” said MP Kyaw Kyaw Tun.

The housing project helmed by Alliance Star Group of Companies is a project only on a regional scale despite its size.

Alliance Star and its mother group Shwe Than Lwin are well-known for their connections with the government for for getting priority in gaining access to lucrative ventures.

Around 4,000 squatter households were forcibly cleared away on June 12 by around 2,000 policemen as well as civilian workers. It stirred a lot of controversy as many squatters claimed that they weren’t informed with enough time to move their belongings elsewhere.


Source: Eleven Myanmar


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