Myanmar’s Clams Sell Well in Thailand

Clams from a town on the Myeik Archipelago in Taninthayi Region are in high demand in Thailand.

Clam diving at Kyunsu Township in the archipelago is a seasonal job available only during the dry season.

The clams are transferred to Myeik, where they get exported to Thailand through the Mawtaung border.

The price is reportedly calculated in kilogram.

“Clams mostly stick to rocks and we employ bolts and axes to remove them,” said clam diver Thar Pu.

“Clams are prolific. They die when they are left in the sun, so we have to keep them in a bucket of water.”

Proprietors allow the divers to keep half of the clams they find, according to Aye Nge, who runs a shellfish business.

“Clam diving season begins in October and ends in March. We make from K300 to K500 per clam, but the boats used in clam diving usually cost K2 million.”

The business was good, he added, and Japanese businesspeople are supposedly trying to invest in the local shellfish industry.

Aye Nge continued: “Some Japanese came and studied clam-breeding here. Although there were rumours they would come and invest in December, we haven’t seen any investment so far.”

Clams numbers apparently reproduce in the rainy season. The residents say they want a sustainable fishery and hope for technical aid if the Japanese ever come and invest.


Source: Eleven Myanmar


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