Ministry to Train 250,000 Teachers

The Ministry of Education will have over 250,000 trainers nationwide to teach the new Grade 2 syllabus, according to Daw San San Nu, academic director for the Department of Higher Education.

“The training will continue step by step. Trainers for central-level training will offer regional and state-level programs, and then trainers from regional and state level will pass it on to the township and cluster level,” Daw San San Nu told The Myanmar Times on Thursday.

Currently, 322 teachers from education colleges are attending the central level teacher’s training. Nearly 30 trainers from the JICA Create project and the Department of Higher Education are providing the training.

The Ministry of Education has been implementing the new curriculum since the 2016-2017 academic year, which aims to develop five key points – physical, intellectual, moral, amity and prosperity – which are deemed essential for the 21st century. It was drawn up by local and foreign experts.

Under the National Education Law, basic education is divided into primary, middle and high school levels. The government’s new curriculum prescribes that a student will have 12 years of education after their completion of kindergarten.

Altogether, nine subjects are covered in the new syllabus of Grade 2: Myanmar, English, mathematics, social skills, sciences, life skills, morals and civics, physical education, arts (music and painting).

The training program for teachers targets teachers from private schools, monastic education schools and government schools, and the training will end on May 23, said U Tun Yee, deputy director-general of the Department of Basic Education.

The kindergarten curriculum was written with the help of the United Nation Children’s Fund, while the primary school education curricula were written with the assistance of the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Middle and high school education curricula will be written with the support of the Asian Development Bank.


Source: The Myanmar Times


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