Bago Locals Protest Against “Inept” Chief Minister

Bago locals, including members of the National League for Democracy (NLD), staged a protest on January 14 to get Bago Region Chief Minister Win Htein to resign.

Around 200 participated in the protest that demanded the Chief Minister that had failed to deliver solutions to land grab issues, rising crime rates, lack of employment opportunities, high numbers of traffic accidents and more.

Nay Lin, a NLD member, claimed that the protest doesn’t represent the wishes of the party and that he was there as a citizen to speak out against the lackluster performance of the Chief Minister.

“People have been asking for a long time regarding land issues near Mayin Village which involves around 400 acres of farm land that’s been taken over by a businessman. They only bothered to check on January 12 when it was announced that we will be protesting on the 10th. And he is also suffering the lack in rule of law especially considering how squatters at the airfield aren’t being removed. Under him, there isn’t a single new factory or workshop. It’s absurd considering how the US and the EU have less restrictions on us than ever. Public bus lines that were added are completely unnecessary and only serve to crowd our roads and create more accidents,” said Nay Lin.

In regards to the protest, The Daily Eleven contacted Chief Minister Win Thein and according to him, the protestors seemed to be either “not know the constitution” or was “hasty”.

He said, “The rule of law is still going pretty much by old standards and as the country is in a transitional phase, there’s bound to be some hiccups. As for the land issues and new factories, we have to follow the plan laid out by the Union Government. As or traffic regulation issues, it hasn’t been long since the circular road was paved. The city stands at the crux of multiple roads and there is physical proof on many levels of the works done to improve the roads.”


Source: Eleven Myanmar


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