All Yangon are projects without parliament approval: MP

MP Kyaw Zayya blasted the Yangon Region Government for projects underway within the Yangon Region “without the parliament’s approval”.

He claimed that most, if not all, major projects are not going through proper channels i.e. the parliaments at a debate session titled “Lessons to learn from the Yangon Region Government” hosted by Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) on January 21.

When the host of the program asked the MP regarding parliament’s involvement for the projects, the MP gave one example.

Kyaw Zayya said,”City expansion project on the other side of Kyimyindine was brought up the issue in the parliament by Minister Myint Thaung with the suggestion that whatever topic we wanted to discuss in regards to the project is to be done by 12pm the next day. It’s impossible to do so when it’s so close. Until now it’s yet to be discussed in the parliament. I want to say here and now that projects within the Yangon Region never received approval from the parliament.”

While he did not specify the exact reasons why projects are going ahead in discord with extant laws, he claimed that the Yangon Region Parliament is a ground that must be tread with care.

He also apologized to his constituents for the current situation, highlighting recent actions undertake by the Rakhine State Parliament to suspend its municipal minister from duty and comparing against its Yangon counterpart that cannot get things done effectively.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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