New plans needed for rapidly growing Yangon, says housing director

The government needs to prepare plans to deal with a shortage of infrastructure and the increasing number of crimes, said Myint Naing, deputy director-general of the Urban and Housing Development Department at the Ministry of Construction.

Yangon, with a population of over 5 million people, is also the country’s fastest growing city and will become a mega-city of over 10 million within the next decade or two, he said.

“The government will face urban problems if there is no proper preparation,” said Myint Naing.

“Generally, the city may face problems such as traffic jams, infrastructure shortage, water and power supply interruptions, floods, low-quality housing, slum and squatters,” he said.

“As all we know, Yangon has more than 400,000 squatters, according to the figures collected last year. In addition, crimes are rampant in Yangon.”

The Greater Yangon Master Plan-2040 was drafted with the help of the Japan International Cooperation Agency during the term of a previous government. Under that master plan, the government will spend US$2.33 billion on 41 priority sectors.

The priority sectors include 25 capacity development projects and 16 natural hazard mitigation projects.

The urban development master plan covers improving the public bus transportation system; creating new parks, underground parking lots and low-cost housing projects; conserving urban cultural heritage; improving services for the disabled, improving the education system, and updating the water supply and sewage treatment systems.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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