Telecom Operators Must Expand Network Coverage After 4 Years

“Telecom operators, that are more than 4 years old, are expected to expand their network to remote areas where telecommunication is under developed,” U Nay Myo Kyaw, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Transports and Communication, said.

He was answering to the motion submitted by U Sai Kyaw Moe, Member of Pyithu Hluttaw, lower house, from Maipan constituency, Shan State, if there is a plan to build telecom tower in Narmon Village and Wholai village.

Operators and the government had an agreement that all the operators must try to expand their coverage up to 80 percent of the country, but it was changed on the fourth year since granting license that they must try to expand coverage up to 90 percent of the area.

‘‘It was changed because operators agreed, in their fourth year, to establish Universal Service Fund by giving two percent of their income to established on sixth year to expend telecom infrastructure in remote and underdeveloped place,’’ he said.

The Department of Telecommunications has laid out a draft for network expansion strategy which plans to build telecom towers in remote places and collecting two percent of the incomes of operators.

The ministry estimates to generate up to $100-121 million in five years and will start building telecom towers in over 40 townships in 2018.

Telecom Licenses of Telenor and Ooredoo will be four years old on February 2018 while MPT’s will be on March 2018.

Source : Myanmar Business Today

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