Shwe Maung Mountain Squatters to be Sued

A list has been compiled to sue squatters who live on Shwe Maung Mountain in Taunggyi township, southern Shan State, said a Taunggyi township City Development Committee official.

“This land is under government’s management according to the state government’s investigation. That’s why a list has been compiled with the cooperation of several departments to prosecute those who are trespassing, fencing and constructing buildings on the Shwe Maung Mountain.

“No negotiation will be made and squatters will be prosecuted. The court will decide,” U Aye Ko, deputy director of Taunggyi township’s City Development Committee, told The Myanmar Times.

He said they will sue squatters according to municipal law and Upper Burma land and revenue regulations.

After 530 acres of land in Shwe Maung Mountain had been exempted from the conservation forest area by the Forest Department in 1993, the state government allocated 114 acres of land to Taunggyi University and five acres to the Road Transport Administration Department.

People squatting in the area said they have lived there for over 20 years and have complained to the State Counsellor’s Office, the President’s Office and other departments.

“They built fences not only on the 114 acres of land given for Taunggyi University but also on the land where we live. At night, they erect fences with barbed wire. Some people no longer dare to live on the mountain. “Although they tried to demolish our houses, no action has been taken against housing projects that did not receive permission for construction. The poor always suffer,” said U Kyaw Soe, a resident of Shwe Maung Mountain.

He added that Wun Gyi Housing, Sai Ywet Housing, U Kaung Housing and U Kyaw Win Housing have erected buildings on the mountain that should be investigated as well.

“About 120 households are currently on the list. The university will sue those trespassing on its land. The City Development Committee will prosecute trespassers,” said U Min Soe, Taunggyi township administrator.


Source: The Myanmar Times


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