Squatters May Hurt Mandalay Land Values: Realtors

Squatting on vacant land is widespread in Mandalay, which may impact real estate values, say real estate agents.

Squatting is most common in uninhabited areas but has now spread to vacant land, said U Wunna Soe of Phoe La Min Real Estate Agency.

“We cannot limit specific squatting spots in Mandalay. If the place is vacant, they (people) can squat there. If the people want to buy the land, they should make a field study or study its surroundings with the department concerned. They need to advertise in the newspapers if there is any problem. They shouldn’t overlook the issue,” he said on Saturday.

Land ownership disputes can occur in spite of such careful studies before buying the land. Agents providing guarantees are required between land buyers and sellers, he said.

“They break the law by squatting. It will cause problems if the squatting is regarded as an issue of social class. We should be aware that the problem is a byproduct of economic, social and political factors. It is no good if the number of squatters increases too much,” he said.

“The squatters are not only homeless people in Mandalay. Some move in then sell the land they squatted and move to other places. So, original land owners can face difficulties,” said U Myint Aung Moe, Hluttaw representative of No. 2 constituency in Chan Mya Tharsi, who has submitted a proposal to solve the issue. It will be discussed at the coming Hluttaw session.

As the departments concerned are not able to solve the squatting issue from the outset, squatters are proliferating in Mandalay. Although ward administrators informed the municipality, little action is being taken, he said.

The Mandalay City Development Committee removed squatters in Chan Mya Tharsi and Pyigyitagun townships in 2012 and demolished some 700 squatter huts along the river in early 2017.


Source: Myanmar Times


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