Township municipality sues private school

Yankin township municipal administrative office is suing the International Language and Business Centre (ILBC) on Pyi Thar Yar street under municipal law following complaints.

Yankin has sued the school twice before: in November and December 2017. People from the area petitioned to relocate ILBC, which is on Pyi Thar Yar street.

“We are suing ILBC in accordance with municipal regulations following public objections to the school.

The public complaints keep coming, and the school is disturbing the public,” U Yee Hlaing, assistant administrator of Yankin township administrative office, told The Myanmar Times on Tuesday.

The ward development committee for Pyi Thar Yar held a news conference to address the issue last September.

Approximately 730 households are facing daily traffic problems due to the many cars that come to drop off and pick up children from the school.

Over 400 households signed the complaints.

“We already sued them for failing to comply with the ruling to close the schools, but it is still open.

“So we are suing them for failing to comply with the prior ruling,” he added.

The committee said that there are about 700 students who are currently attending the school and about 500 cars causing traffic in the ward twice a day during weekdays.

School-related traffic jam peaks in the morning from 8:30 to 10am and in the afternoon from 1:30 to 4pm, when parents pick up and drop off their children at school.

“People from our ward are facing troubles every day.

“We are working within the legal framework and we will keep complaining until the school relocates.

If we don’t get what we want, we will protest,” said U Lwin Myint, member of the ward development committee for Pyi Thar Yar.

ILBC School first opened in the 2015-2016 academic year.

The related traffic problem has been an issue for the past two years.

“The authorities already ordered the school to move. Now the municipality is suing the school but I believe that the sections used to sue the school can only lead to a fine of K10,000,” said U Than Tun Zaw, who lives in Pyi Thar Yar ward.

The school will be able to open by the recommendation of 10 people, U Yee Hlaing added.

However, people from Pyi Thar Yar are hoping to relocate the school and the ward development committee is planning to hold a press conference this week to relocate the school.

There are a total of 30 ILBC schools across the state, with only eight in Yangon.

The overall ILBC student population amounts to 13,000 students with 2500 attending ILBC schools in Yangon.

The Myanmar Times could not reach the prosecuting official for comments.

Source : Myanmar Times

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