YCDC investigates long building constructions delays in Yangon

YCDC is investigating long delays in the construction of buildings in Yangon Region and the reasons behind unreasonable delays, said Yangon Mayor U Maung Maung Soe on Monday at the Yangon Parliament.

The construction of many buildings in the region has been suspended for several years, according to MP U Yan Aung from Mingalar Taung Nyunt township. He added that suspended construction sites tarnish Yangon’s urbanism and YCDC should investigate the matter, asking for a management plan from the Yangon regional government.

“I found that the construction of many buildings had been suspended for many years. I want the owners or construction companies to finish these buildings as soon as possible,” said U Yan Aung.

For instance, one large construction site in Pazundaung township has been under construction for 10 years, and many other buildings are in the same situation, he noted.

“I think that the owners intended to build big and glorious buildings, but they are not finished yet. Once erected, these buildings will contribute to the urban beauty of Yangon. I want to know from the related department what plans are being sought to finish these buildings,” said U Yan Aung.

The aforementioned Pazundaung township building is a joint venture between YCDC and Mizima construction that started in 2003. It is expected to comprise 16 stories. However, shortly after construction began, it was stopped.

“Regarding this building, we found out that the developers temporarily suspended the construction work for various reasons. They applied again in 2015 to build an eight-story building instead. We asked them to re-apply with all the required documents, but they have not sent them back since 2015. If they fail to move forward with the construction, we will seek ways to complete the building,” said U Maung Maung Soe.

U Yan Aung added that another building near U Wisara circle in Ahlone township had been suspended for a long time. YCDC approved construction work in 2013, and the building is expected to have nine storeys with two basements.

“After applying for the construction permit, they failed to complete the building within the allocated one-year term and applied for an extension, which YCDC approved. That building was a joint venture of the Department of Urban and Housing Development and Dagon International Company. We found out that construction has been suspended for the past eight months. The official of the company said they are redrawing the structure of the interior, and once confirmed, they will start building again,” said U Maung Maung Soe.

The YCDC also asked the Department of Urban and Housing Development to supervise construction sites to ensure that buildings are completed as soon as possible.

“As far as I know, the government suspended some buildings which would have been detrimental to the urban landscape as they would have hidden other buildings. In my opinion, instead of suspending the latter, they should cancel them forever. I want the government to release rules and regulations on building construction to allow owners to complete them as soon as possible,” said U Yan Aung.

Source: Myanmar Times

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